Story Surprise! Live! With Anthony & Lauren

Melbourne for Kids got to experience another spectacular family activity this weekend. Story Surprise is taking the content families love from their online video series and podcast and bringing it to the stage!

Lauren Jimmieson Craig & Anthony Craig are the husband-and-wife duo behind the show and the accompanying podcast, music and YouTube series Story Surprise! Story Surprise is a free and ongoing online series of funny, interactive, educational and stimulating videos featuring original songs, stories, art and craft. Each episode tackles important childhood learning concepts. Recent themes include feelings, motivation, and uniqueness! 

Next Live Show:
Avondale Heights Library at 10.30am 14th May. Free for families to attend! 

What is your name and kids ages?

My name is Robyn and I had the pleasure of attending with my almost 6 year old twin grandchildren to this highly entertaining show.

How would you describe this activity today?

Today’s ‘Story Surprise’ Live performance took place at the Moonee Ponds Clocktower. Lauren Jimmieson Craig & Anthony Craig are the husband-and-wife duo behind the show and the accompanying podcast, music and YouTube series. It was a joyful explosion of fun, singing, dancing and laughter which completely entranced and engaged the young audience and totally entertained the adults attending too.  Anthony and Lauren had an amazing rapport with the children and adults alike – they had us all – young and old – dancing, clapping and laughing. 

Threading into the 45 minute jam packed performance were three themes. Animals, mindfulness and healthy habits.

The show was comedic, interactive and featured their original kid’s songs along with some family favourites. The music covered a range of topics from hand hygiene to holidays to teeth brushing. My grandchildren are familiar with the music as it features in the Story Surprise podcast and YouTube series. We’ve heard their song, Germs! on Kinderling and ABC Kids Listen. We’re excited for their next song to be released this April.

How excited did you and your family feel about this activity?

My grandchildren and I were so excited to see this live event as we have been following these two incredible childrens’entertainers avidly.  We so enjoy their Story Surprise episodes and podcast, and always look forward to the latest Jump & Jiggle sessions. Jump & Jiggle classes have been a saviour over the Covid period and it’s been fantastic that they have continued these virtual classes into 2021. Jump & Jiggle classes happen live, online the weekend and it’s the perfect way to get the kids moving while the adults enjoy a cup of tea! Today It was so exciting for the kids to see them live on stage!

We were excited to see Lauren & Anthony joined on stage by fellow performers Andy Minjae Song & Anna Francesca Armenia. Anna was on the keyboard & Andy on guitar and also provided great support as an ensemble for the show. It was very exciting for the children to experience live music!

One of the most exciting parts for my grandkids was when beloved ‘Mick’ the teddy bear made an appearance ! They love Mick from the YouTube series and it was seriously cool to see him there on stage talking live. The magic of theatre! How the teddy bear talks we’ll never know!

What was the best part of the event for you and your child? 

The best part of the event was the absolute excitement felt by all to see this live with all its colour, humour and excitement right there in front of us.  Usually we watch on a screen, so this was so very engaging. I think a stand out of their live performance was the Story Surprise element. They presented a classic ‘Story Surprise’ called ‘Little Billy Stephenson’. They brought the book to life and acted out the story with the kids. It was all about the importance of washing your hands and making it fun for children. Such an important theme, especially in the current climate. Their use of props and costumes was impressive. The kids loved being involved.

The versatile kids music was a highlight! A few standouts were their awesome pop song Holiday, their barbershop style number called ‘Beary Best Friend’ and their blue grass inspired song ‘Wake Up’. The kids though it was hilarious every time Lauren & Anthony pretended to fall asleep on stage. They even had a rock inspired number about extinct Australian Megabeasts. My grandkids love Dinosaurs, so this was one of their faves!

To what extent would you agree with the following: This event was awesome?

Totally agree – could not recommend enough. I thought it was impressive that the performance was so much fun for young and old whilst also being educational! My grandchildren enjoyed it thoroughly and were so excited.  They’ve been chatting together about it non-stop and even singing and role playing some of the songs together.

I am excited to see where they take their ‘Story Surprise Live’ show next! Definitely keep up to date with them across their social media and website to stay in the loop! The show is an absolute hoot!

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Next Live Show:

Avondale Heights Library at 10.30am 14th May.

Free for families to attend!

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