Ninja Jungle Sunshine Coast Review

Sunshine Coast 4 Kids got to experience another spectacular family activity last week. Ninja Jungle is Australia’s new Ninja warrior facility. 

At Ninja Jungle kids and carers can experience challenging obstacles seen on the famous  “Ninja Warrior” TV show obstacle course. Ninja Jungle also designed an obstacle course for the little ones, considering their size and abilities from toddler up! It is an amazing place to burn some energy off with the whole family! 

What is your name and kids ages?

Renata Fortes. The kids are 7, 10 and 13 years old.

How would you describe this activity today?

Ninja Jungle is an indoor activity that challenges everyone’s physical abilities, help increase motivation and boost children self-steam. The obstacles range from easy to very hard obstacles allowing the kids to take a challenge or just enjoy the run. 

Some obstacles will feel very challenging, making the kids want to try again and when the they complete the obstacle they celebrate and feel really good about themselves.

My older child loves a challenge and tried all obstacles from easy to very hard. He asked to go on a double session straight away as we walked out of the room wanting to beat his own limits. My younger one prefers the fast run through the easier obstacles, as he felt more confident he was running through all obstacles trying to get faster and faster. 

We went for a 45 minutes Ninja Jungle session, at the beginning a friendly staff explain the Ninja Jungle rules and during the session more instructors are available helping the kids or showing how the obstacles work. Parents are allowed to watch their kids on the obstacles, take some photos and give a helping hand if required. 

How excited did you and your family feel about this activity?

This activity was like my kids wishes coming true! Getting to experience the challenging obstacles they watch on TV and knowing if they can do it or not was very exciting. My kids were very excited during the whole time, they only stoped for a drink of water and to wait to have their turn going up the Wall.

What was the best part of the event for you and your child? 

The best part for me as a mum was seeing my kids faces after completing a challenging obstacle, the joy of watching their happy emotions has no price. I also need to mention that the coffee was perfect! There is an onsite restaurant: The Forest Blend Cafe”.

For my kids?! They love it and spent hours talking about it after we left, telling everyone about their skills and how fun it is.

To what extent would you agree with the following: This event was awesome?

Awesome?? Beyond awesome!! Outstanding! For sure it’s 5 stars and 10/10 attraction for all ages. We recommend the Ninja Jungle activity as a family activity to everyone. As well as single passes they offer holiday programs, birthday party package, ongoing term classes and bundle passes! Worth every cent!!

It was absolutely awesome.

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