Go on a Troll-tastic Adventure at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre!

Melbourne for Kids got to experience another amazing child friendly event this weekend. Go on a Troll-tastic Adventure at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is on in Melbourne now until the end of January 2021!!!

Go on a Troll-tastic Adventure at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre! 

Celebrate the release of Trolls World Tour with LEGO® these school holidays!

What is your name and kids ages?

Sherissa Colvin. Kids aged 5 & 7

How would you describe this event today?

LEGO enthusiasts young and old can appreciate the enormous creative talent that goes into the statues and displays that make LEGOLAND Discovery Centre a truly awesome place to visit. The friendly staff were well organised and efficient, giving the kids time to move through activities and rides without feeling crowded or rushed. Even if you don’t like playing with LEGO yourself, it is guaranteed you’re going to have a lot of fun at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre with so many different activities to choose from! It is fun, interactive and educational!

How excited did you and your child feel about this event?

From the moment the kids spotted those colourful bricks they did not want to leave. Their enthusiasm was catching. We’re definitely getting annual passes.

What was the best part of the event for you and your child?

The brand new Troll-tastic Adventure activities were a clear favourite.

Filming our own Trolls music video was Troll-tastic! The easy to use equipment had the kids using Trolls LEGO to design and film their very own stop motion music videos. They could have easily spent the entire morning making Poppy and Branch dance on screen.

The Trolls scavenger hunt is also a must for Trolls enthusiasts. We had a terrific time spotting the cheeky Trolls hidden amongst the spectacular Miniland Melbourne LEGO displays.

To what extent would you agree with the following: This event was awesome?

Everything is awesome at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre! After a quick stop in the LEGO shop on the way out the kids are teeming with LEGO  inspiration.

It was absolutely awesome.